Aframe Signage Board

Aframe Signage Toowoomba

These double-sided A-Frame is made with steel tubing and has ColorBond faces which we have applied printed stickers over.

These frames are made in Australia and are great quality, it is heavy which prevents it being blown over in heavy winds.

We customise A-Frame signs to your needs and have the ability to include anything from writable areas with chalk or liquid chalk to brochure holders and custom magnets.

The portability of these signs allow them to be strategically placed to increase the exposure and awareness of what it is advertising, whether it is foot traffic or motor traffic.These types of signs have been proven for decades that they bring attention to your business which will convert into sales.

The return on investment for these types of signs is excellent, consider if your shop or stall is on the left or right of the road or path, people may be too busy looking ahead and may not notice your business, however an A-Frame sign near the path or road will pretty much smack them in the eyeballs and presto – awareness which will convert to sales and opportunities that would otherwise be missed.

We only deal in good quality materials and printing and we assure you that your design will be made to how its designer intended it to be displayed.

To enquire about custom A-Frame Signs please email us at

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